Saturday, October 6, 2012

Joe Mantegna: an Exclusive Interview with the Entertainment Legend

By Bruce Edwin
Joe Mantegna is one of the most widely respected actors in the world. A master and legend of stage, film, and television, the Golden Globe nominated, Emmy Award and Tony Award winner with a Star on the Walk of Fame, Joe Mantegna personifies—like the city of Chicago he hails from—toughness, hard work, no nonsense, and getting the job done. With film credits to his name including the classic thriller 'House of Games,' 'Godfather Part III' with Al Pacino, 'Suspect,' with Cher, 'Bugsy' with Warren Beatty, 'Forget Paris,' with Billy Crystal, 'Up Close and Personal' with Robert Redford, 'Celebrity' with Woody Alan, 'Body of Evidence' with Madonna, and much more, Joe Mantegna has worked opposite the greatest screen actors in the world, and is their equal. In television, he has starred in 'Joan of Arcadia,' 'The Starter Wife' which he also produced, 'The Simpsons' as the voice of the legendary 'Fat Tony,' and of course, 'Criminal Minds,' among many more—which, like 'The Simpson's,' is one of the most successful shows on television. On stage, Joe Mantegna has conquered Broadway, starring in 'Speed the Plow,' 'Glengarry Glen Ross' by his legendary play write friend David Mamet, and 'Hair' which launched his career, among many more.

In the field of music, Joe Mantegna has rocked with the best in the band called 'The Apocryphals' where he and the band once opened for Neil Diamond. With over 200 credits to his name, one can get lost in Joe Mantegna's work. With fans around the world, the many who know and love his artistry have come to know and expect a certain quality, skill, and aesthetic with which he lends to a creation. One can safely look at a show and say, 'Well, it's got Joe Mantegna in it. It's got to be pretty good and worth seeing.' And so it is. It was my great pleasure to conduct an exclusive interview with the legend himself—Joe Mantegna, here below.

Joe Mantegna—Tribute to Science Fiction Legend Ray Bradbury

Joe Mantegna and Michael O'Kelly joined forces to honor Ray Bradbury with a ninety minute groundbreaking documentary, 'Live Forever, The Ray Bradbury Odyssey.' The films was authorized and planned by Ray Bradbury himself. Joe Mantegna's company Acquaviva Productions signed on as co-producer, writer, and director with Michael O'Kelly's, 'Live Forever,' the documentary tribute to an American icon and one of the most beloved authors of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Joe Mantegna's friendship with Ray Bradbury began...

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