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CRIMINAL MINDS Season 8 - 804. God Complex - Comments Thread

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  1. That had to be one of the creepiest, freakiest CM eps I've seen. I'm really torn by it though. While it was really amazing with the creepy stuff and the story, I'm just not feeling it. Maybe because, for me, it was so, so Hotch light. Again. I mean through the first four eps, he's just been the traffic cop on the sidelines. I don't get it. But Breen wove a tangled web. Is the wife in or not?? And the thing with Reid and the phone lady has me totally scratching my head. Should we accept this as is, given she has some major issues? Or should we looking deeper? As in season long unsub. My rating: 7.5

  2. After watching the episode, which I absolutley LOVED, I checked out fb Criminal Minds page and saw what people thought of Reid and his 'girlfriend' which brought up a couple interesting suggestions from being a partner to the season long unsub to being Reid's schizoprenia kicking in to being to just apart of his imagination or just having an abusive relationship. Anyway I thought all these points would be intersting to take if need be and I also thought it was cute seeing Reid actually have a relationship that hopefully lasts unlike the two previous girls. Also unsub for the episode was a creepy ass man.

  3. I thought the ep was just ok. I kept thinking I was watching To Hell And Back it was pretty much the same story to me. I did like we learned about the unsub through the team and not the unsub. I liked we had a Reid ep he has been missing from a major story for a very long time, so I didn't mind the rest of the team in the shadows for this ep.
    Reid's new girl pal was the only interesting part of the ep. I think she may have something to do with the season long unsub. if not then great a good story just for Reid is a nice change from all the Morgan and JJ stories.
    Blake pissed me off last night, she was out of line and way to pushy with Reid. it was really none of her business what Reid was doing on a pay phone. But, how none of them picked up a pay phone was a bad thing is beyond me as well.
    All in all the ep was not a very good one story wise it's only saving grace was the Reid thing. I give it a solid 3 only because of Reid. I hope if it is the season long unsub it gets much better and Blake gets pushed to the back of the story where she belongs...

  4. This episode was a bit creepy but I still liked it a lot.At first I was worried that bc it had a well known guest star most of the focus would be on him.I was happy to find that was not the case.I absolutely loved Reid in this episode.So happy he got to make some major contributions to the case,instead just being reduced to spouting factoids.The mystery woman has me really intrigued.I just hope Reid doesn't end up getting hurt.
    I wasn't offended by Alex's concern for Reid bc she has known him for a long time.And I feel she was just showing that she cares.I think it's sad that Reid doesn't feel he can share this with the team.
    I also loved how well this personal story line for Reid was integrated into the episode itself.For too long we have been getting these personal moments for a character,that had nothing whatsoever to do with the episode as a whole.They were thrown in just for the sake of giving a character a personal moment.(Hotch/Beth)
    And of course I loved seeing awkward Reid bc he is so adorable when he gets awkward.
    I don't know what is going on with Hotch.Did these writers forget how to write him as the unit chief.Maybe they need to go back and study his character.

  5. This episode was the best of the season so far IMO. I, too, loved that Reid not only got more time, but that he provided significant help in solving the case (as far-fetched as it was) rather than just spouting facts. Breen seems to be the only one who still gets the characters. I agree with the posters who have noticed the absence of Hotch this season. What is that all about? I want the old Hotch back and I can't wait until Beth is out of there. But as unbelievable as this storyline was, this has been the only episode this season that has managed to hold my interest. I also am intrigued by the woman on the phone with Reid. At least she's not a giggly stalker like Beth.

  6. Not my favorite episode by writer Breen Frazier, what I like was that FINALLY Reid had some focus, was about time! The conversation with the woman was weird but interesting. I was left with more questions than answers. Who is she? How did she meet Reid?

    The case was interesting and very creepy! Ray Wise did a great job!

    Something that did bother me is, why did Reid, who is an excellent profiler needed to call that woman, in the middle of a case, on a PAY phone, to talk about the case and bounce ideas?! Since when does Reid need to do that? And why not talk with Rossi, Hotch, Morgan, JJ or Blake? If Reid had a personal problem I would understand if he wanted to keep it to himself but talking about an ongoing case with a civilian I just didn't understand.

    Something else I didn't understand, why is Hotch staying behind now? Its been two episodes in a row where he didn't take part in the take down of an unsub/unsubs. Worse, nothing is said about him staying at the police station while his team are going after unsubs. Why is that? Unless injuried, Hotch rarely does that, why now? This was VERY annoying when the writers did the same with Reid in season 6 and it is VERY annoying now that it is been done to Hotch.

    anyway, not a bad episode but not my fav and will give this one a 7/10

  7. Rewatched the episode tonight and I liked it much better on a second viewing. Realized I missed lot on first viewing. Totally loved the Reid storyline. I still think that reid should have talk to his fellow profilers instead of going and talk an ongoing case with his friend but I get why he did it. Glad Blake called him on it. I am sure the mystery woman is involved with the season long unsub. She told Reid she was doing this ( her not meeting him) to protect him. I wonder who is that unsub and why he is after the team. Can't wait to see more of this storyline.

    The unsub of the week was good too, ray wise did an excellent job, he was creepy, dangerous and totally scary at how he saw his victims, as nothing more than lab rats. The reference to what the nazi's doctor did in Dachau and other Nazi's camps back in WWII was a look back a very dark part of human history.

    I was a bit hard on Breen and CM for having less Hotch in this episode. he was there, through out the episode but I guess what I miss is him being pivotal to the story. Hopefully that will happen again real soon!

    So on second viewing I will gave a 8/10 for the overall episode and a 8.5/10 for the Reid storyline! This reminded me how much I missed Spencer Reid from the end of season 5 up until last night!

  8. I am a Reid fan, but I really missed Hotch in this one. I think he has been very light in the past few episodes and I don't know why. As much as I like Reid getting focus, I want it to be balanced. I want all of them to get a fair share. And I don't mean just making fake things up-- I mean that the writers need to think about the roles of each character and utilize them properly like they were in the first 4 seasons.

    Does anyone watch Leverage? There is speculation that the mystery woman is Beth Riesgraf. She is a friend of Matthew Gray Gubler's and they follow each other on Twitter. I've never watched the show, but I saw clips and it looks like her (with a wig) and sounds like her when her voice is softer.

    Reid gave the reasoning for contacting his friend instead of the team because sometimes he needed a new perspective-- something he wouldn't get from the team. I also think they are showing that he is becoming more attached to her.

    Breen confirmed that she is real and NOT a figment of Reid's imagination. I think that she may be the season long unsub though. Or at least an alternate personality of hers. The menacing "he" she kept referring to could be an alter. Or she has a creepy stalker that she's afraid of who is the season long unsub. Or a relative of hers. I do think that the "he" she mentioned is the unsub. Unless of course she's just totally playing Reid. I hope that is not the case.

  9. I agree with you about Hotch.And I hope to see more of him in upcoming episodes,minus that annoying Beth.
    I do think Reid deserves the focus bc he was pretty much shoved into the background the last 2 or 3 seasons.

    I really miss Ed Bernero.He was a lot better at balancing the screen time of the team.Even if a particular team member was the focus of an episode the other team members still got good screen time.

    Of course now one big difference is that when he was the show runner the focus was on the team,not the unsub.
    I really wish he had not lost interest in CM like he did,bc sadly the show has never been quite the same.

    However I do feel at least so far that season 8 has been better than season 7.Of course there's still plenty of room for improvement.


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