Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Criminal Minds Comment Thread for " the Good Earth"

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  1. Wow, I thought this was a really great episode. Happy to see all around team today, all of them got there little moments in this episode and thought the unsub was pretty wacked out of her mind. Plus loved the ending with Spencer and Henery. Loved 'mini Spence' and just those two in general. All in all I would give the episode an 9/10

  2. Ya know, last week I was thinking Breen is one sick puppy (in a good CM way;)). But Bruce just stole the 1st place trophy. Cause where he took this ep from beginning to end was a jaw dropper. And yes, all the team was there and each had a moment. Great to see Hotch in Kevlar again!! And we had some great Rossi lines!! And Henry being Reid, right down to the mismatched socks was just enjoyable!! Terrific episode. 10 in my book!!

  3. Once again JJ was being a bitch to poor Reid.
    I've really grown sick of her.
    That remark she made that she was sorry she asked reminded me of Seaver.

    I have mix feelings about this episode.I did like the end though.
    Little Henry was so cute dressed as a miniature Reid and I loved the reaction from Reid.It was adorbs.And Reids smile made me want to melt.

  4. Probably the weirdest CM episode I have seen! The mother was one strange, derenge woman! What she did to those guys and the poor pregnant woman was awful! This episode was also full of twist and turns! She went from someone taking men to breed to a cannibal to trying to save herself and her daughter from an imaginary illness. Talk about messed up!

    What I love most about this episode was that it was a team episode. Everyone had something to contribute and they all got to shine. Love snarky Rossi!

    Finally Hotch got out of the police station and did strap on the kevlar!

    oh little Henri was so cute dress as Reid!

    Writer Bruce Zimmerman did a great job and agreed with rockhotch31 that Bruce just stole the 1st place trophy from Breen as the sickest writer on CM! and yes this is a compliment!

  5. "The Good Earth" kept up to the pace of CM,but was a little sloppy as far as the UnSub goes.I still can't figure out why she did what she did.But who cares,right?The thing to learn is that the psychology was bang on and the team got to wave the red flag for her before she could show us something even more gross.I kinda not like JJ being snidy about Reid;the woman clearly knows him by now.But the little Henry was the sweetest Halloween surprise you can ever expect.Absolutely loved Rossi,Blake and Morgan...and Garcia is always at the top of the list for making the creepiness funny.a good show,The Good Earth :)

  6. maybe i am wrong but did it look like to anyone else that at the end before cute little henry came dressed as REID that when Rossi invited Morgan out ot dinner that they were beginning to walk past Reid and not ask him only for the end that Morgan calling Reid pretty boy did they notice him and when henry came over to him Reid was so happy that it was him Henry chose and not anyone else cause i anway could see that Reid was sad and needed something to smile about hence the way he shouted and stood up maybe i am reading to mucd in to things but its what i saw. also REID's so sweet smile almost tearful at the end shows me and us all that all REID wants is a proper girlfriend and family of his own so he wont be so lonely. i want the team to treat Reid better this season so sad for last season so the end of this on JJ's end was nice to see if she was being a bitch to him at the start and meant it i dont think she would have let Hnery dress up as him and name Reid as Henrys fav profiler before he came in i live in ireland so i only saw the end bit i read waht JJ said and it was a bit gross what Reid sayed about not likin the beach so but i dont like it whens she or anyone esle says that to Reid ever. but the end showed to me what JJ thinks of i am taking wach epsiode as it comes in regards how they treat Reid morgan seems to becoming along as does Blake eps i cant wait till next week to see REID/Morgan play ball i dont like it when Bruse Zimmmerman as a writer es after diving rod last year and that truly horrible comment he had Emily say to Reid you know the one. so surprise at the end. Amy.

  7. I didn't find the crime or unsubs very interesting this episode. I can't say why tho. It seemed like they had to cram a 1.5 hr story into a 1 hr show. Too many unanswered puzzles. The fact that I didn't like it was totally overcome by the scene of Henry dressed as Reid and Reid's reaction. It was the cutest thing ever. I guess I am more into the personal lives of the team than the actual crime- LOL. Also expected to see Reid's mystery girl- you can't leave your fandom hanging like that! : )

  8. I almost died of cuteness overload when Henry came out dressed as a mini-Reid... soooooo adorable!!
    I was a little disappointed that Reid's girlfriend/doctor didn't show up in this episode. I was hoping she would.
    But all in all, I think the episode was great! (even without mini-Reid... but that cute scene was defs the best part!!) The crime was definitely creepy - ugh. I might never view health food in the same way again...


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