Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Criminal Minds: Jeanne Tripplehorn talks about the 'Female Energy' on the Criminal Minds Set Offsets Dark Subject Matter

By Matt Webb Mitovich

You could say that Jeanne Tripplehorn is feeling Big Love for her new TV role, on CBS’ Criminal Minds — this despite the at-times grisly subject matter at the heart of a series about serial killers and those who track them.

Making her debut in the Season 8 premiere (airing tonight at 9/8c), Tripplehorn plays Agent Alex Blake, a forensics linguist expert who, when the action picks up, has already been with the BAU for several weeks. She’s got Hotch’s vote, knew Reid before boarding the team and enjoys a difficult past with Strauss. Now there’s just the matter of winning over Garcia, who was away in London all this time, helping Prentiss get settled into her new life.

TVLine spoke with Tripplehorn about making the move from Juniper Creek to Criminal Minds‘ world of homicidal creeps, where women who kill with ice picks are almost quaint.

TVLINE | What was your decision-making process after Big Love? What you were looking for, ideally?

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