Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Criminal Minds: Get to Know the BAU's New Team Member

by Adam Bryant

There will be a new face joining Criminal Minds' Behavioral Analysis Unit this fall.

Jeanne Tripplehorn joins the cast in Season 8 as Alex Blake, a veteran FBI agent who specializes in linguistics. She fills the void of the departing Emily Prentiss after Paget Brewster opted to leave the series at the end of last season. Some viewers may be suspicious of the new character, but executive producer Erica Messer tells TVGuide.com that that's just fine — apparently a few of the team members will share that feeling.

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  1. I think jeanne will be a great addition, can't wait for season 8!

    I just wish messer would stick with no team romance and stop hinting towards a pairing, half of fans don't see or want. shipping should just be in fanfiction IMO, it's refreshing to watch a show that doesn't hook up it's main characters. I have nothing against shippers, I have my own characters that I like to see share screen time, but I just think the team should remain a team even if certain team members have left, be it prentiss, Elle or Gideon.

  2. Messer has stated numerous times that none of the team will ever get together. However she states that she understands that some fans feel differently and just wanted to give them that moment between Hotch and Emily as a treat because Paget was leaving.

    I too am looking forward to the character of Alex. It sounds like she is not coming to replace Emily because time has already moved on, it seems like they are bringing her on because of her particular skill set.

  3. Erica seems to have an obsession with Morgan and Garcia whenever she writes an episode. I have to wait and see and I am hopeful but as a showrunner she has an obligation to write for everyone. I certainly welcome a new character but I don't see any need for a linguistics expert. If you look at "Soulmates" "Limelight" and "A Higher Power" you see that Reid is a linquistics experrt. In the last 3 years they have not written a single episode on linquistics for Reid, so if they, all of a sudden, write one for the new character I will be a little put off. I know this comment may sound a little negative and I don't really mean it that way, it is just my observations on what has been happening lately. I still look forward to the new season as I'm sure we all do.

  4. Excited for Alex Blake and the new dynamic she'll bring to the team. Welcome Jeanne! I can't wait to see the story-lines that the amazing Criminal Minds writers have in store for you. Season 8 is going to be an EPIC season and I'm glad you're on board.
    In the words of the Great Aaron Hotchner, "Wheels Up".....

    @GregHotchner Loves #CriminalMinds

  5. It will take some getting used to having a new team member in the BAU. It will not be the same without Prentiss but I don't mind I'm just glad that Spencer Reid/Matthew Grey Gubler is still here because he is my favourite team member and I am very glad that he is staying :D :D
    I'm also a VERY big fan of the show its my favourite show ever :D :D


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