Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Joe Mantegna will produce the authorized docu tribute "Live Forever, the Ray Bradbury Odyssey."

By AJ Marechal

Writer-director Michael O'Kelly and Joe Mantegna have teamed up for the authorized docu tribute "Live Forever, the Ray Bradbury Odyssey." Mantegna's company, Acquaviva Prods., will co-produce.

Doc chronicles the sci-fi scribe's life, including his work with Hugh Hefner and Walt and Roy Disney, and explores his views on space, mankind and death.

                                                      Ray Bradbury

Pic will feature animation and special f/x by Christopher "Moonlight" Cooksey while Mantegna provides narration. Notables who pay tribute to the author in "Live Forever" include thesps Dennis Franz, Malcolm McDowell and explorer-film producer Jean-Michel Cousteau.

"Live Forever" has been three years in the making. O'Kelly and Bradbury plotted the bio years ago, and Bradbury continued to pursue the passion project in spite of his failing health.

"This film will be the fireworks at the end of my life," Bradbury had said.

The 90-minute doc is being aimed for a theatrical release in December, though a distrib has yet to be set.

Producers also plan to do an extended cut to be aired as four hourlong TV specials. Talks with the Discovery Channel and Science are under way.

sOURCE: Variety

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  1. Hey, thanks for the mention. We've worked really hard on this, and it's going to be great.


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