Saturday, May 5, 2012

Criminal Minds Review: 7.21 Divining Rod *SPOILERS WARNING*

DIVINING ROD - A copycat begins murdering women in the same Oklahoma town and in the same manner after an infamous serial killer is executed, and the BAU must move quickly before more people are killed. Meanwhile, Prentiss anxiously considers a large real estate purchase. First, I have to say…the editing on the opening sequence with the cat was perfect. It’s skill like that that gets into my mind to create the right ambiance than straight out showing us the crime. This wasn’t a Wow! episode. Instead it was a slow build, sprinkled with some lovely team quirks and personal moments. Reid’s random wiki spouting and Prentiss’ real estate angst came off as natural, and seamlessly fit into the rest of the show. This really was a group effort, no special spotlight on a team member with a bighugesupersecret past coming to light. I like it when we, the audience, are unaware of who the UNSUB is for most of the episode. It adds to the drama and build up to capture. I even found myself talking to the television “Look behind you!” and “no, don’t go in there alone!” When those last couple of minutes came up, I was shocked. At the beginning, I had thought maybe the wife was a part of the copycat crimes, and then was proven she wasn’t.but she was the originator of the creepy letters our favorite FBI agents were focusing on. This episode brought back a lot of what made me fall in love with the show in its first season, and bonus points for the episode title being used in the episode.

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