Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Criminal Minds More Behind The Scene picture for Episode 7.19 'Heathridge Manor'

Here is another behind the scene picture of the 7.19 episode 'Heathridge Manor' directed by Criminal Minds Star Matthew Gray Gubler.

Criminal Minds stars Thomas Gibson, Matthew Gray Gubler and Joe Mantegna.

Picture @CM_SetReport

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  1. hey my name is Kate i am from Irealnd and i cant wait to see Matthew's new epsiode i have been following all the updates and loving the behind the scenes photos. and esp loving the Kyle Gallner is going to be the unsub now i cant wait for April 4th i think that before the series finale that Heathridge Mannor will be the best epsiode so far this season. i heard that the finale will inculde a lot of REID and maybe his mother if thay can get her Rick dubkle in his chat said that. still something to look forward to before the end.


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