Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Criminal Minds Comments Thread for ' A Family Affair'

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  1. Okay, only one person's opinion, but I've seen worse episodes and episodes that were more boring. So, this is kind of confusing. Anyway, when did they decide that the audience would rather watch a show about unsubs instead of a show about the agents who catch them? Okay, compared to some others (Bittersweet Science) this wasn't as bad, and I didn't feel like the team was locked in a closet. But, given the amount of episodes that do this, I'm wondering why they apparently think what they used to do wasn't working. Also, particular to this episode, it really makes the team seem redundant when the audience knew every detail before they did. Because they showed everything.

    Anyway, the parts I liked. They may be more in number than the ones I didn't, but the ones I didn't were bigger. The talk of salsa night with JJ, Prentiss, and Garcia. Wish I could have seen it. But, don't think that's enough. I want a real emotionally in depth conversation between the women. JJ and Prentiss talking to Allyson. I thought basically everyone was written well. Nothing jarring except the conversation between Hotch and Rossi. I also loved Agent Brooks. And, I still have to put a resounding yes to Beth and a firm disagreement to every complaint I've heard about her. Enjoyed the women being all "blah! Next person who yells gets a bullet" attitude at the race. And the looks exchanged by the others when Hotch went over to Beth. Yeah, Hotch, they're not going to leave you alone about this.

    But, honestly, I want to sit the writers down and make them watch The Last Word, especially the ending, when they read an article giving the victims focus and memorializing them. Or Birthright, where the former victim was the main guest star and it focused on her quiet strength, and they showed JJ dealing with the balance of caring. Or, even A Thousand Words, which wasn't my favorite, but still had the issue of whether personalizing a victim is a bad thing. None of those episodes skimped on the unsub, but it still had the victims being important. Getting focus.

  2. Agreed with you about the unsub. Why have the team if we get all the informations about the unsub from whatching them do what they do? It is annoying to see the team tell us information that we already know from watching the unsub.

  3. there was a lot to like about this episode, creepy family, good acting from the guests actors, Hotch and Beth and Jack and the race day with the team there cheering for Hotch. LOVED Morgan with little Jack on his shoulder and cheering for Hotch.

    What I didn't like and that was mention by Criminal Minds Round table and Angelwriter, the feeling that the team was not really important, that again when they talked about the unsub and tried to figure out why they where killing and if it was two unsubs, I already knew that wasn't the case and all I wanted to say to them was 'you are wrong team! It is a family!' This is very annoying that I feel like that with so many episodes.

  4. I have to agree with all the comments above. I loved the race scene, I adored Jack on Morgan's shoulders and "Uncle Dave" and earmuffs and Green Faery hangovers and Reid tormenting the ladies for staying out until dawn. And yes, I for one like Jack and Beth. I think they're hitting just the right note there.

    But again the problem was the case. We knew everything by the first post-opening credits commercial, if not before, and the rest of the time we were waiting for the team to catch up. It's supposed to be a crime procedural, which is a kind of mystery, not the torture show of the week. Mystery means you don't find out who or why until the end of the third act, not as soon as you lift the curtain.

    If TPTB are writing this, thank you for bringing the family back together after the fiasco of Season 6. Now can you bring some of the old writers back as well, please? I think this show still has a lot to give, but not if you keep going like this.

    - RF

  5. I'm in agreement with every one else. The case was OK and that's about it. That family was like a hurricane; all the elements came together to make the perfect storm. And while the case was not that strong, I felt we got to see some great team profiling, which is always a plus. Kudos to Kathy Baker and William Russ for outstanding performances. Ms. Baker was about as creepy as they get when it comes to a "supportive" parent. However, being the sappy schmuck that I am, the team scenes in the end, starting on the jet, more than made up for the so-so case. I always love a Hotch/Rossi talk. And I loved how the mentor was asking his former student about the family and then Dave asking Hotch if he was ready. More than a little double meaning there!! And the team at the triathlon, with the hung over ladies, and Jack on Morgan shoulders, and Jack calling Rossi "Uncle Dave" - be still my fanfic heart!!!! Bottom line in IMHO, the end scenes saved this episode. And while I like seeing the cases, the parts I always re-watch are the team scenes, so I'm a happy CM fan.


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