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Criminal Minds: Comments here about episode 7.14 'Closing time'

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here you can post comments about Criminal Minds episode 7.14 'Closing time'


  1. That was another great episode. Lots of the team. Great Rossi and Hotch conversation in th elevator. And, I absolutely loved the Hotch and Beth scene at the nicely done. Great job Rick Dunkle!

  2. Another great episode! That unsub was sick! I loved it!! lol Kudos to AJ Cook for an awesome ass kicking job! That was one cool roundhouse kick. Also, loved the cute scene at the end between her and Morgan. Totally knew it was him AJ was referring to in her interviews about the episode. Given it was about hand to hand combat was there anyone who didn't think it was Morgan? LOL. The little look he gave her when he said he was proud of her...def makes one go "hmmmmm" ;) LOL. And of course how could one forget the "the kiss" between Hotch & Beth? that was just super cute & it's nice to see Hotch smiling again...been too long. Can't wait for next week!! Great job to AJ, Rick & the entire usual. :D

  3. I loved this episode!! I don't like knowing the unsub right away, but Rick Dunkle wrote an excellent script. The twists on what caused the unsub's devolution had me on the end of my seat. And I can't think of an ep lately that we had that much screen with the entire team working the case. JJ was great and the scene with her and Morgan was excellent. "Pennsylvania Petite" will be around for quite a while in CM Land. Hotch and Beth were totally wonderful, with Hotch being just as cute as Jack. (Guess that's where our boy gets it!) But grand prize goes to the elevator scene with Hotch and Rossi. Positively GOLD!!!

  4. Loved, loved, LOVED it! AJ kicked ass & looked great doing it! I've been pro Beth from day one, so I was like a giddy teenager watching the Hotch & Beth "moments". Rick Dunkle outdid himself on this one. Great team moments, as well as a certifiable unsub makes for a happy viewer! The kiss and the hand holding were beyond adorable. :D

  5. For me this case was better than many if not the best. The case felt like a compromise between seeing the Unsub right off and not seeing him, we saw him but we really didn't know all that much until the end. Not the best, but a compromise. Also you could tell it was Rick Dunkle's work, very creepy without showing the creepy, which I much prefer to Janine Sherman Barrois's way of showing the squicky creepy. And a good balance of showing people and lots of actual profiling, so I think that was a very good job.

    JJ's fight scene was supposed to be a big part of this episode but it did seem very tacked on and kind of arbitrary. I mean, why did she attack the guy again? She knew the rest of the team was in the house and would be looking for her any minute. And if they were shorthanded where were the local cops? It felt like they said "Ok, AJ really wants a fight scene, we can work one in here." And I'm someone who really likes to see kick-ass women on TV. I still get giddy about Prentiss and the grenades. It was a great fight but it felt contrived to me. Sorry.

    I did like Reid fussing over JJ a little at the end, you could see how important she is to him, even if she didn't. And I may be the odd one but I like Hotch and Beth, everything about that was good for me, especially Hotch and Rossi in the elevator. I like Beth, I think she might be good for him. Now can someone else have a romantic relationship in season 8? Pretty please?

    I'd give it a 7. I liked it.

    - RF

  6. Ok, ok you've got me. I can't believe I'm saying this - but I really like the Hotch/Beth relationship after last night's episode. It was so cute - and perfectly written especially for Hotch's character. It is heart warming to see him/them acting as teenagers! And it's so wonderful to hear that beautiful laughter of Thomas Gibsons - it just lightens the spirit! The elevator scene between Rossi and Hotch is a golden moment - again well written. Also must mention the rest of the cast - Garcia great as ever, JJ awesome in the fight scene (her character is maturing... and did I see a hint of personal sadness in her interview or perhaps I may have read more into it), loved Reid's concern for JJ, and the smug look of Morgan's at the end. Very good episode - job well done!

  7. I am absolutely loving the Hotch/Beth stuff. He is so nervous and unsure of himself around her and it's such a 180 from the tough, always in control, always confident unit chief and TG is playing it off so well! : )

    I loved the elevator scene with Rossi and the way Morgan used the "wanna go out with us singles" excuse to remind Hotch that it was Valentines Day.

    I enjoyed the case as well. It kept you guessing and actually figuring things out right along with the team. That was one seriously messed up family and the only one I really felt sorry for was the kid. Too bad the wife didn't get join her lover in the car compactor.

    Reid diagnosing JJ's injuries was great and as soon as I saw JJ fighting I knew that she'd been training with Morgan. I wonder how Will feels about that? ; )

  8. The episode was not great, only good for me. I, too, am tired of knowing the unsub from the get-go more often than not these days. JJ was amazing, but this is the second week in a row that she was put in a precarious position while we were left wondering where the rest of the team was. Not believable. Also do not care AT ALL for Beth. She is stalkerish, pushy and annoying. Not blaming the actress on this one, folks. I blame the writers. Please push this story to the background like the rest of the romances on CM. And PLEASE get back to great PROFILING and less unsub.

  9. I liked the episode so much but i was hoping for bigger JJ fight i mean it was cool and kickassssssssssssssssssssssssss but i was hoping for more than little seen at the end =/ well next time maybe, also i liked the hotch/beth ending =3 it was so cute :D


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