Friday, January 6, 2012

Thomas Gibson interview with Shave Magazine - Contain minor Spoiler

'Criminal Minds' is one of the most watched shows on Wednesday nights and star Thomas Gibson, who plays Aaron Hotchner, took a few minutes to talk to talk with us. His early television work included roles on such shows as “Leg Work”, “As the World Turns”, and “Another World”. He began to appear on film with the feature “Far and Away”, and appeared in a string of independent films before returning to television. He starred in the series, “Chicago Hope”, and then became a household name with his role in the comedy, “Dharma and Greg”. 

The tenth episode of Criminal Minds aired taking us halfway through the season. The first half, especially the first episode, was an interesting one as they found a way to wrap up the chaos that was season six. Were you ever concerned with how they were going to pull it all together and get everyone back in place for the season?

Well, there were so many vectors involved that needed to be pulled together. I knew that there was a plan in case everything came together and there was a plan in case some things did and some things didn’t come together. So I’m glad thought that they were able to utilize ‘plan A’ which was pulling everybody together.

According to Deadline, you actually only renewed your contract with Criminal Minds two weeks before shooting began. Did you ever think that the contract dispute may have an effect on the season for yourself?

Well, I was hoping that it wouldn’t and I don’t think that it has. It just took that much time. These negotiations are always drawn out and this was no exception. I was hoping as the deadline for the season got closer – I know that there are other contract negotiations that have gotten even closer to the wire than two weeks, but I was hoping that this wasn’t going to be one of them. Fortunately, we were able to make a deal with a couple of weeks still to go. I think we were all hoping for the best outcome and we got it. So, you know, I know there was a ‘plan B’ but I’m just glad ‘plan B’ didn’t have to be implemented.

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  2. Great interview but is it too much to ask of a reporter to get character's/people's names right? (Padget? Dane? Reeve!?)

  3. Good interview!

    Of course would have been even better if the writer would have spelled...

    ... Paget instead of "Padget",...
    ... Reid instead of "Reeve" and...
    ... Dayne intead of "Dane"...

    ... 'cause, you know, those characters have been around for 7 years and he should know by now how they're called, and our great Head of the Make Up department deserves all the proper recognition he can get and then some!


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