Thursday, January 12, 2012

Criminal Minds TVLine Scoop

By Matt Webb Mitovich

Criminal Minds | At long last, I may have an answer to one of this CBS drama’s most puzzling mysteries: What happened with Reid’s conspicuous Season 6 headaches? The answer: Blame Sue Sylvester! “The hope,” series boss Erica Messer tells me, For more TVLine

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  1. I'm a little worried about True Genius now...I thought/hoped this episode would show Reid being an amazing genius but now I'm not so sure.
    I understand Reid questioning his choices and wondering if he has done enough with his life, that part is completely normal, but I hope the episode won't downplay his abilities and intellect.

    “[Being so smart] at 14 you’re really, really special, because not everybody could do what you do. But at 30, it doesn’t feel like you’re as special as you once were.”

    That part of the interview doesn't really ring true to me. It could apply to someone who is gifted, but not to a genius. And there's a world of difference between being a gifted kid (someone who will probably blend in with time) and being a genius.
    Reid's abilities will always be a wonder, no matter how old he is.

    Also, like someone mentioned on the tvline forum, why mention the age of fourteen since Reid graduated high school at twelve (like it was stated in 'somebody is watching and mentioned in other episodes) ?

    I don't want to sound too negative, I'm just worried because I have/had high hopes for this episode.
    I guess we'll see...I just hope Reid will prove to be smarter than Caleb Rossmore, the other genius of the episode, and that this man will eat his own words if he thinks he's more of a genius than Reid.


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