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"Kirsten is smarter because of Penelope Garcia." Kirsten dixit in this 2007 interview



by Jamie Steinberg 01/2007

Q) What are the current projects that you are working on?

A) Currently, I am working on a scruffy little show on CBS called "Criminal Minds." I just finished doing a play over Christmas. Right now, I am in the middle of working on my theater company's award show so I am rehearsing for that. I am also in the middle of filming the Super Bowl episode for "Criminal Minds."

Q) Please tell us about your character Penelope Garcia on "Criminal Minds."

A) She is the resident hacker for Quantico, in general, for the FBI, but she has sweetly and whimsically weaseled her way in to being invaluable for the Behavior Analysis Unit. She has quite an affection for the people that work in that group and she gets what they are doing. It's a big huge challenge for her. She's very eccentric. She's a total geek, but in a really hot way. She's got really fantastic shoes!

Q) What's new this season for the show and your character?

A) This season, thus far, we've gotten to see what kind of car Penelope drives, which is fantastic. You, actually, see that I have legs because I am walking around a lot more than I was last year. I believe in an upcoming episode I am not in the office at all! I go a whole episode where I am never in the Quantico office. I can't make any guarantees, but I think that might be in the cards. Everyone has sort of melded and molded into a delightful crime drama sandwich that makes everything compliment each other now so much. Last year, everyone was trying to get their sea legs about it. The writers were trying to figure out our characters and we were trying to figure out the writing. It was so great, but there is this sort of effortlessness about it right now where everybody just sort of gets it. It's just sort of moves along as entertaining, but yet creepy. It turns things into more of a puzzle than it was last year. I think there is a lot more thinking outside of the box, which I do enjoy. I don't like being in the box. So, as far away from the box that you can get I am a big fan of. And, I think we do that!

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