Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Criminal Minds Discuss episode 7.09 here

Esprits Criminels - Sneak Peek de l'épisode 7... by kevin4050


  1. I absolutely loved this episode. Great job everyone! So far my favorite episode of this season! Thank you Erica Messer.

  2. Absolutely awesome episode!! One of the best of the last two seasons (with the exception of Lauren). Erica wrote a great script, the cast was fantastic, and Charlie Haid is just a great CM director!! Loved it!!!

  3. Wow! That was a terrific episode. Did not see that coming with Strauss. Very intense episode...cast was awesome!

  4. Yes, best episode of this season and possibly of last season too! Nice twist about Strauss! Wonder who will take over for her now, Hotch?

  5. Awesome episode! Best in a long time.

  6. Great episode, can't say that I wouldn't have liked to see a little more of Reid, but I did enjoy the episode.

    The case was interesting and kept me guessing, I throughly enjoyed it.

    The conflict between Hotch and Morgan was interesting.
    Hotch wouldn't have told anyone about Strauss problem and I don't think his team had to be told since it didn't concern them first.
    Morgan was put in a position where Strauss' alcoholism could have been a problem and he was partnered with her, so I understand why he was worked up.
    The last scene where they confront Strauss is a great one.

    Having said that, I'm sorely missing the Hotch/Reid scenes :(
    I love their personal interactions and dynamics and I hope we could see more of it.

  7. That was a pretty good episode.
    I was surprised that Strauss was the 'team member' in jeopardy, personally I don't think of her as 'one of the team' but as their superior.

    Some people drew a parallel between Strauss alcoholism and Reid's drug addiction and I wanted to voice my opinion here.

    I think Reid managed to get over his addiction on his own, without outside help. The first time he attended a meeting was in 'Elephant's Memory' where he met John. It was his very first meeting (he said so himself) and he had already been clean for ten months by then.

    Hotch can help Strauss because alcoholism isn't illegal.
    Using drugs on the other hands....I doubt Hotch (or any other team member) could do much for Reid.

    I don't even think Reid ever acknowledged his drug addiction to anyone on the team before 'Proof', they probably turned a blind eye to let Reid on the team and Reid didn't say anything to not put his career in danger, and maybe also to not compromise his colleagues/friends more.

    So, I think he had to deal with and get over his addiction on his own.
    If someone helped him, maybe it was his friend Ethan from 'Jones'.

    At least that's my take on the situation.
    Sorry for going off topic there.

  8. Last nights episode was a great one.I loved how the writers held us in there untill the end - hats off to them again . E.J.


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