Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Criminal Minds Episode Comments for 7.06 'Epilogue'


Isabella Hoffmann Returns as Rossi’s Ex-Wife, Carolyn

Zach Filkins from the Hit Music Group OneRepublic Guest Stars as a Forest Ranger

“Epilogue” – The BAU search California’s Angeles National Forest after a number of bodies mysteriously turn up in the mountain lakes there. Also, Rossi struggles with an agonizing decision regarding his ex-wife, on CRIMINAL MINDS, Wednesday, Nov. 2 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Isabella Hoffmann returns as Rossi’s ex-wife, Carolyn. Zach Filkins from the hit music group OneRepublic guest stars as a forest ranger.


  1. The ending of this episode made me cry. Dave had to watch the one he loved died and then we discovered he had a son who would have been 32 years old now.

  2. The ending of this ep made me cry, too. I was glad to see that Carolyn removed the responsibility of her chosen death from Rossi; that she knew he wouldn't have been capable of helping her end her own life. Sadly, we now know that he had a son, once.

    I found Prentiss and Reid's recollections of their near-death experiences interesting, but Prentiss' recollection seemed a little too brief, as if there were more information needing to come forth than was actually said. Fodder for a future ep, I hope? This mythical future ep would be a great time for going more in-depth into Morgan's thoughts/issues with spirituality, as well.

    "Epilogue" was a great ep but with a very sad, bittersweet ending. I need a hug now. :(

  3. Pretty good episode. Ending was SO sad. Poor Rossi. :/
    This episode made me love his character even more because he manages to stay so strong even though he lost a son who didn't live long, and now a woman who he loved until the day she died.

    I would really like to hear about Prentiss' time away from the team sooner rather than later, though. I'm a bit tired of waiting.

  4. I got a little teary eyed also. Poor baby boy didn't even last a day, but they still buried him :'( Dang, it's making me sniffle all over again!

    I wondered about a tad bit about if Rossi was informed about the whole Hankle (sorry if I spelled it wrong) situation. He never asked any questions so I wonder if he knew before-hand.

  5. I think ep 12 is gonna be all about prentiss dealing with what happened to her, that's what i read anyway. i'm so looking forward to that!!!
    and i loved 'epilogue'! so sad...

  6. I would like to express only constructive criticism. The dialogue at the end between Rossi and his ex-wife really made ​​no sense to me. Why would she ask him if she knows he can't do it? Why would she tell him she already has taken something. I've got the impression the authors danced around the topic active or passive euthanasia. Perhaps because of the controversial debate and they didn't wanted to step on someones toes, no idea. But they wanted to show on screen this very last scene, where he is holding her in his arms. Heart-touching wasn't it? While doing this, they gave Carolyn the role of someone, who forces a beloved an estimated person, to stand on her side till the bitter end. Not nice, and it shows a false and unsympathetic image of those who really choose to commit suicide.

  7. This was a great episode with an emotional scene at the end. I think Rossi's character was excellently portrayed.The case was also interesting and handled a controversial topic well. But, on a less positive note, I do not like how Hotch is portrayed this Season(with the exception of Painless). I know a lot of people love Hotch without a tie while on a case. Personally, I do not like the more casual less serious Hotch this year. I liked Hotch's character because he was serious and dedicated to his work. I liked that he most always wore suits. I do think that both Reid and Rossi's characters are portrayed excellently this year. This is just my opinion, but I also think that Hotch in the episodes of Season 7 has not had much of a role in the stories. He seems to be detached from the episodes in contrast to other seasons. I thought during this past episode, Rossi would at least talk to Hotch about issues such as grief since Hotch had also lost an ex-wife. Just a side note, I do not like that the main personal story line during Season 7 for Hotch is going to be a love interest. I thought Rossi's storyline was much more fitting for a show like Criminal Minds. I would like to see more complex stories for Hotch. It really seems to me that Hotch has changed. I really miss the Hotch of seasons 1-6.

  8. Wonderful episode.
    It was interesting to notice how different Reid's and Prentiss' experience with death was. I guess it was "scripted" that way to help the team understand the unsub's motive (wanting to know if the experience could change). Having two team members going through such different experiences helped the team realize that it was the key to understand the unsub's motives.
    Maybe the team was a little too quick to come to that conclusion, it felt a little like a leap of logic, but they only have 42 minutes to wrap an episode.

    Rossi's story was really sad, I highly doubted he would help Carolyn die, but he helped her by being there. In the end, it might have been what she was asking for in the first place when she asked him to help : not his assistance, but his presence and support.

    Personally I have enjoyed all the episodes so far this season with the exception of 'Proof' and 'Painless'. These two episodes didn't appeal to me and I didn't like the portrayal of the team on these two.

    I can't wait to meet Beth in "The Bittersweet Science" and I hope she'll become a part of Hotch's life.
    I respect people who think differently, but I'm personally glad and want her to stay in Hotch's life.


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