Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Criminal Minds Promo Video for Episode 7.06 'Epilogue'


  1. This promo is really interesting.
    I must admit that I immediately thought about Reid when I saw the promo. The unsub wants to know if his victims saw something after dying, so he resuscitates them.
    Reid died at the hands of Charles/Tobias Hankle and Tobias resuscitated him. If Rick Dunkle didn't think about that while writing the episode I'll be disappointed, I hope there's a reference to that.

    I also remember a BTS picture of that episode with a wet Reid near a lake.
    I suppose he managed to save one of the victims, maybe he manged to talk down the unsub by sharing his own experience of death with him...

    Considering we'll see what happens to Rossi and Caroline during that episode, I also wonder if we'll have a Rossi/Reid scene.
    I'm rooting for Hotch/Reid and Rossi/Reid scenes. I love to see Reid interacting with them both and we don't see that enough in my opinion.

  2. Will they continue the trend of letting Emily's walls crumb down a little while she avoids her suffering and helps her teammates? I believe this has been done intentionally is realistic considering how stubborn she is.

    The point about the Reid experience is interesting and it might be also related in some way to Caroline's story.

    Maybe the wet Reid is part of the prank war? Can't wait for this ep.

  3. Why is that every single subject in every single episode should somehow always relate back to Reid?

  4. To the previous anonymous poster :

    The fans are just wondering.
    Last week episode was about children neglected by unfit/mentally ill parents and the fans wondered if the episode would make a reference to Reid's childhood.
    The episode didn't. It was just the fans wondering, you can't blame them for that.

    They're simply doing the same thing here, they're speculating, nothing wrong with that.

    I think that it could be a very interesting approach though. I have myself wondered about that before (did Reid see 'something' after being killed by Hankle). I have often envisioned a scene where someone would ask Reid if he saw something when he was dead. So, if the episode has a one or two minutes scene dealing with that (and with a probably vague answer from Reid) I'll be very happy

    And, just to precise, that doesn't make it a Reid episode.

  5. I hope the episode is realistic and not about some supernatural stuff. It is a very sensitive territory to touch for a crime show.

  6. Yes, and the episode before that it was "Ohh...maybe Reid will talk to Hotch about Jack being Bullied" or "I can't believe they didn't tap into Reid's bad experiences at school for this episode" as if Reid is the only person in the world that was bullied as a kid. It's as if Reid is the only character on this show with a crappy childhood and trauma in his past when that's not the case at all.

    I think the episode looks good and what a great idea for an unsub. When you consider how many horrifying crimes are committed by religious fanatics.....I love it.

  7. So, what is wrong with the Reid fans wondering about Reid ? The Hotch fans, Morgan fans and other fans do the same thing when an episode broach a subject that makes them think of their favorite character.

    The last two episodes had a thematic that made the Reid fans think of their favorite character. And the fans that love to see Hotch and Reid interacting hoped that maybe they would see Hotch and Reid have a nice scene due to Jack possibly being bullied.
    Nothing happened, and it's fine. Some fans expressed disappointment when their predictions didn't come true, but I didn't see them overreacting about that.
    So why the need to bash the Reid fans here ?

    (On an unrelated topic, Reid is probably not the only BAU team member who was bullied during high school, that's for sure, but he was probably the one who got it worst).

    During season five, a lot of fans were only talking about Hotch ... constantly. I let them be and didn't bother them.
    Maybe you could try to do the same when some Reid fans talk about Reid.

    To Zagi :
    I don't think the episode will really deal with the supernatural. It seems to be about an unsub who wants to know if there's an afterlife, but I doubt the show will give us any kind of straight answer. Maybe the unsub is dying and simply afraid of death.

  8. On the CTV (Canadian network), the promo is always a bit different. It tends to show more dialogue. Sadly, I don't have a video link, but yes Reid does mention his own experiences (briefly).

  9. To the pervious anonymous poster : thanks a lot. It's nice to know it'll be mentioned, even if it's just in passing.
    Do you remember what was said at all ?

  10. The first thing I thought when I watched this promo was, "This has got to be a Morgan-centric episode." Maybe because he said, "There is no after life," and it reminded of the episode "Penelope" and his religious views.

    Either way, no matter what character the episode surrounds, I'm still looking forward to it because on a personal note, I've always wondered if there really is an after life. Should be interesting.

  11. I suppose this episode will be a Rossi one since we need to see what decision he'll make concerning Carolyne. And it's good, Rossi really needed more screen time and I'm glad to see more of him.

    As a Reid fan I also think it'll be really interesting to see Reid mentioning his own experience about death.

  12. Yes, it was really a quick clip, so not sure how it will play out, but they were all discussing afterlife experiences, Morgan was skeptical saying people don't see the afterlife, then Reid says that he saw it, and then Prentiss confirms she did as well. Will be interesting to know if it's given more attention after that, but really it seemed like a quick "shout-out". :D

  13. Thanks a lot for the precision anonymous poster. There might not be more, but it's already nice to see that Rick Dunkle mentioned it. Of course, I wouldn't mind if Reid expanded a little on his experience with one of his teammate, but even if it's all we got it's certainly better than nothing. :)

  14. I am also tired of the Reid bashing. The reason I stopped going to the other site was because of this. This site has always been positive and fun up until this year and now it is taking the same nasty turn because of a few posters. Please let people talk about the characters as they wish. If you have something positive to add about any character you want that is great.
    As has been mentined, in the Canadian promo both Reid and Prentice mentioned their experience. The opisode looks great and I really look forward to it.

  15. I can't wait for this episode. And, as a definite Reid fan, I certainly hope the episode deals with his experiences, and that of Prentiss as well. I love when any of the characters, yes, especially Reid's character, get to show a more personal side in the natural course of solving the case. I think the writers do a brilliant job of incorporating personal bits of information regarding all the characters.

    I can see how easy it would be for the writers to use Reid's character much more often in many more episodes simply because of the vast number of possible issues he could have because of his experiences in school, as a genius, and from the situations he's been in while solving cases. Although I certainly wish they WOULD "use" him more often, it's a testament to their excellent writing abilities that they don't.

    Most of us have our favorite characters, and I do think the show does a great job of "spreading the love".

    Either way, I'm definitely looking forward to this upcoming episode!

  16. Reminder: Bashing characters, cast or crew is not acceptable. State your opinion in a polite manner. Respect other people's opinions. Any bashing and that goes also about bashing other commentators, will result in posts been deleted.

    To clarify, saying you do not like a character and why isn't bashing, that is discussion and stating one's opinion no matter how unpopular that opinion might be, is acceptable.

    Also, please when posting instead of using the Anonymous option, use the Name/URL ( just enter a name no need to enter a URL). It makes it easier to reply to someone when a name is used.

    CMRT Admin

  17. Wolfsdawn,

    Agreed, considering the subject matter of the next episode, Reid and Prentiss had experience with 'dying' Reid was brought back from the dead when Tobias performed CPR on Reid. Yes, Garcia was shot and almost died and Hotch was stabbed 9 times but he didn't come close to die ( no major organs where damage by The Reaper)and Garcia was close but didn't die. It makes sense that if the writer decide to make this one hit close to home for some team members, Reid and Prentiss would be the more appropriate characters since they both 'died'.

  18. Thank you for the post about not bashing posters who speak up about and speculate whether or not certain scenes might take place involving their favorite characters. Also, about not bashing other posters.

    For the record, Reid is my favorite character and I am always interested in learning more about him. I do think there have been opportunities where more could have been said or drawn upon based on his past and it hasn't happened. So I'm glad that Mr. Dunkle didn't forget what happened with Tobias. Now, if Elle were still here, I think her experiences might have come into play as well. She didn't exactly die but there was that "conversation" with her father.

    To make things clear, I love Reid but I am not opposed to learning more about Morgan or Hotch, etc. It really depends on the story. In this case, I hope Rossi's situation is dealt with without getting into his religious background. I'd rather see it approached from a different angle. Frankly, I would rather that they didn't give him this dilemma at all as I sort of liked Caroline!

    On a totally different note, I thought I'd throw this out there for Hotch/Jack fans. I'm pretty sure the actor who plays Jack just guest starred on NCIS LA and had scenes with Sam. He did magic trick's for the boy, who was named Mark in the episode.

    I do agree that this CM episode looks like it could be good. I hope Mr. Dunkle does not get into the whole life after death beliefs thing too much, especially with Morgan. Derek's faith was addressed in Lucky and Penelope. Mr. Dunkle usually has good scripts though so I expect this one to not disappoint overall.

  19. To Sue: If this is going to be an episode about the whole believing in life after death thing then I think Rossi`s dilemmea should be dealt with getting into his religious background. I also really don`t see why Derek`s faith should not be addressed only because it was addressed before. Quite the opposite because it would be interesting to see how he is dealing with his religious doubts now. And why should opportunities where more could be said about Reid`s past be used but about Derek`s not?

  20. I think Morgan's faith will be addressed during the episode and it seems normal. It has always be a touchy subject for him and there'll probably be a reference about that.

    Character wise, I suppose the story will focus most on Rossi and his decision about his ex-wife. Apparently one of his team mate will find out what's going on.
    It could be Prentiss since they talked about Carolyne during the last episode. She might notice something is wrong with Rossi and maybe he'll confide in her.

    I guess the episode will be Rossi centric and I don't have a problem with that, he was long overdue for a centric episode.
    But I'm glad Rick Dunkle took the time to talk about Prentiss and Reid seeing the light and (probably) about Morgan's faith.
    I suppose all of that will be very short scenes, which is normal.

  21. I hope the episode will be mostly Rossi centric because he indeed is long overdue for a personal drama storyline and it would be disappointing if they touch the difficult decision he has to make only with one short sentence.

    To Criminal Minds Round Table : Garcia did die in "Penelope". She flatlined and had to be resuscitated.


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