Friday, April 22, 2011

Criminal Minds Spoiler for the season finale and season 7

Now that we know JJ is back for the season finale of Criminal Minds (and the next two seasons, if the show is renewed), what can we expect her work relationship with Hotch to be since they are the only ones who know Emily is alive, and none of their co-workers can know that they know? Thanks! — Emily
They haven’t thought that far in advance, actually. JJ returns at the very end of this season. “When we were writing and shooting the finale, it was sort of pie-in-the sky she’d be back,” says EP Erica Messer. “We’re really using it to hook in and launch season 7 versus, in episode 18, she came back in an played a huge part in the episode. In this one, she’s the hopeful ending.”

Source: EW

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