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Criminal Minds: a Reid and Seaver Relationship?

Don't Hold Your Breath Waiting for a Reid-Seaver Hookup on Criminal Minds

from Jennifer Arrow

Criminal Minds fans, the stars are answering your burning Q's! We just hit the set of the show (for the filming of episode 20) and got answers from the stars. The number-one question was what's to come for boy genius Dr. Spencer Reid and BAU agent Ashley "new girl" Seaver. So do they have any chance of a future together?

Matthew Gray Gubler and Rachel Nichols break it down for you:

Gubler tells us, "I doubt [that Reid would] hook up with Seaver. I know there is sort of some weird rule in the land of crime dramas where you can't have interteam romance. But as far as other romance [for Reid]? I would certainly hope so…I have no idea, tell the writers. Let them [work it out]."

For her part, Nichols tells us, "I have a lot of people on Twitter that ask me [if Reid and Seaver are going to hook up]. It goes one of two ways—and I'm kind of in a lose-lose situation! Either people say 'Yeah, Reid's going to get some' or people say 'Leave my Reid alone.' [They say,] 'Ashley Seaver, you're fine, but if you touch Reid [hand-slits-throat gesture].' So, clearly, you can't please all the people all the time!"

Nichols continues, "Shemar Moore always says, 'We don't have time for love on this show. We have to solve crime. We have to find unsubs. No real time for romance.' So it would be a surprise to me if [the writers] actually decide to go that route. Not that I wouldn't absolutely welcome it, of course. But like I said, they don't tell me anything."

There you have it, Criminalistas. No Reid-Seaver sexytime soon. Sad? Happy? Indifferent? Hit the comments, and then check back on Monday in the spoiler chat for more Criminal Minds insight from the stars.

source: E!Online


  1. I disagree with Shemar. They had JJ have a relationship & child off screen. It's possible for team members to have a relationship that doesn't disrupt the crime solving aspect of the show (see Calleigh & Eric 'CSI: Miami' & Sara & Grissom 'CSI'). I think it would be an interesting way to get to know each character more if they were a couple because of the confidant nature of that type of relationship. We've seen Reid with a love interest before that never really panned out (Lila) and his social awkwardness could make the relationship interesting to watch develop.

    What do you guys think?

  2. I also think Shemar is wrong as we saw with Hotch who hadfamily, even if in the end Haley left him, he still had a family. It could work with Reid too.

  3. I agree that Reid does deserve someone and it can fit with the show, but not Seaver. He needs someone he can talk to and given her snarky reply when he was talking about Dr. Who she's clearly not that.

  4. Please, no romance on Criminal Minds.
    Those relationships usually don't work out.
    Hotch's situation was different, Haley was his wife since the first episode of the show.

    But this show is not good when it comes to introduce a new love interest.
    I never thought Lila Archer, who tried to seduce Reid, was a good match for him. And I never thought Tamara Barnes was a good fit for Morgan.
    So please, don't bring romantic storylines for the main characters !
    I prefer to imagine for myself what could going on in their private life rather than seeing it on screen.

  5. I wanted to precise that I agree with Shemar Moore, this show only lasts 42 minutes and I would prefer it to concentrate on Reid's intellect, rather than his love life.

    For a long time, the genius part of Reid was left aside and I missed that terribly. I want the show to concentrate on that where Reid is concerned, his genius and his relationship with the team. I don't want to see him hooking up with a random character I wouldn't feel connected to in any way.

    Please, dear writers, don't use Reid's screen time to show us a romance, that would be a real disappointment. I have no problem believing that Reid could already have someone in his life, but I really don't want the show to focus on that. It's much better to leave that to the viewers imagination in my opinion.

    Make Reid shine with his genius, and show us good moments between him and the other team members. But don't show us a romance, I would be disappointed with this choice. Please !

  6. In all fairness, they only gave JJ a relationship and a child because AJ was pregnant in real life and they wrote the storyline into the show. I don't think would have paired JJ with anyone had AJ wanted to conceal her pregnancy. As for Hotch, I think they wanted to show him as a family man at the beginning. One of them had to have a "normal" life outside of the job but they also broke it to show the effects the job has on their personal lives.

    I sort of agree with Shemar. It would be hard to incorporate their personal lives into the show.

  7. I agree with Shemar's statement and I really hope the writers won't come up with romantic stories for "Criminal Minds".

    If the writers tried to please the fans by writing a romance for Reid, I'm afraid it would end up being a disaster. When romance for such a popular character is concerned the fans don't want to see the same things at all, their views on that matter are extremely different and it can be a very touchy subject.
    A good part of the fans would inevitably end up highly disliking (if not downright hating) the relationship.
    Best leave it to fan's imagination and to fanfiction in my opinion.

  8. I do not believe we need a love intrest between them, but there isn't anything wrong with Reid accually getting a girlfriend. they always make Reid seem like he cant get a girl, but i think that there are many girls out there for him! but if they did put Seaver and Reid it would be okay as long as they dont get in the way of the show.

  9. Are we all forgetting that Garcia has a steady boyfriend in Kevin-I'm-played-by-Xander-Lynch? It doesn't eat at Garcia's screen time and thus far hasn't detracted from the tone of the show. I remember when people were hoping for a Reid/JJ ship I was all ARRRGG NOOOO! But Reids character has changed and progressed season to season. It just makes sense that he would have a relationship. And MGG and RN have a nice, kind of quiet and sweet chemistry. I'm all for it.

  10. I would love them together. I think Reid deserves to have a girlfriend. I feel bad that he is always teased and I think that Ashley could be a good match for him, besides Reid and Seaver would never let there relationship get in the way of there job. Reid is way to smart for that, and Seaver can't afford to (being new and all), plus they would be funny together.

  11. Oh god no... please don't even try to get Spencer in a relationship with Ashley.
    First of all, they would be an awful couple. Second of all, that supposedly isn't allowed on the team. Last but not least, if Reid got intimate with anyone, all of his fans would probably freak out and try to do something stupid like setting the homes of the show's writers on fire.
    I highly recommend that you never do it.
    Thank you,
    M. V. T.

  12. I dont know about Reid and Seaver but i deffinatly think he should get with someone. In the past season when Reid gets a girl it doesnt really stick and i think he deserves it. Love Reid, my favourite character so id love to see that i think it could fit into the show well.

  13. Please give Reid a girlfriend not Seaver though! He's been alone way to long! Yes he is a very smart person but its not fair if that's all he has to go on! He needs a love life! He is a grown man, just find him someone who is fitting for his character. She can be shy and sweet like him and they can work on it overtime so that it doesn't affect the show


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