Sunday, February 20, 2011

Simon Mirren to leave Criminal Minds at the end of Season 6

From Deadlinehollywood

EXCLUSIVE: Criminal Minds executive producer/ showrunner Simon Mirren leaving the veteran crime drama. Mirren, who joined the series right after the pilot as a supervising producer, was promoted to executive producer at the beginning of Season 5.

This past October, Mirren, along with fellow Criminal Minds veteran, exec producer Erica Messer, took over showrunner duties alongside longtime exec producer/showrunner Ed Bernero when Chris Mundy left as showrunner of the Criminal Minds spinoff and Bernero shifted his attention to the new series. There is talk that Bernero may also leave Criminal Minds at the end of the season. He has a drama pilot, Partners, in contention at ABC but even if his pilot goes to series, he is expected to still have some involvement with the Criminal Minds franchise.

Staying on is Messer, considered a rising star on Criminal Minds. She joined the mothership series after the pilot as a co-producer and became an executive producer at the beginning of the current sixth season. British writer Mirren, nephew of actress Helen Mirren, previously worked on Third Watch, co-created/exec producer by Bernero, and Without a Trace.


  1. Maybe he's leaving because CBS has ruined the show by getting rid of actors right and left.

  2. And another one bites the dust....and if Ed Bernero leaves too....

  3. No, apparently, Simon has said last year to many people that this season was his last and he said on twitter that he got a great offer from Sony.


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