Tuesday, December 7, 2010

SPOILER Adrianne Palicki to Guest Star on Criminal Minds

From TVGuide

Even though her Fox series, Lone Star, got an early axe, Adrianne Palicki is still one busy actress. She will be back forFriday Night Lights' final two episodes and is currently shooting a guest starring role on Criminal Minds, set to air in 2011.

"It's in the vain of Natural Born Killers or Kalifornia," says Adrianne of the killer Minds episode. "I never played a raging psychopath before so I couldn't turn it down. I'm having so much fun."

The actress describes her character, Sydney, as a woman "who comes from a broken home where her father molested her. She is an alcoholic who found love with a man named Ray. She and Ray get their kicks by drinking and killing people for no reason." Sounds along the lines of what could have happened to her FNL character, Tyra, had she continued hanging out with that no-good Tim Riggins!


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