Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Criminal Minds SPOILER for upcoming episode!

From TVGuide:

When A.J. Cook left Criminal Minds, they gave her a very classy send-off. Will they do the same for Paget Brewster or will they just blow her up? — Erin
It's still a little early to tell, but you might be right to worry, Erin. I'm hearing that the show is looking to cast a recurring character described as a dangerous, threatening European — the ultimate bad guy. And the character's story line relates specifically to Agent Prentiss. Eek!


  1. I called this quite a while ago, but now I'm not sure how I feel about it being semi-confirmed. Since they wrote JJ out peacefully, Prentiss was going to have to die. :/ It's better than writing her out for a lame romance with that British dude on the spinoff, but it still makes me sad.

  2. as much as I love Emily (she is my favorite), I am almost convinced to do her character justice they have to kill her off. The dreamer in me still hopes maybe she just has to go undercover in Europe or in Protective custody, or joins the CIA or something....

    (still in denial that Paget has to leave)

  3. Yes, I think that's the thing--doing her character justice. But yeah, I've been in denial myself...

  4. It would be awful for them to kill Prentiss off, when they just killed Haley off last season. It's simply not justice to me, but overkill. If Paget really is let go, they need to allow her a happy exit. Every character that has left: Gideon, Elle, JJ, have all exited unhappily. Let Emily have a little joy in her life, geez!

    But please, please, CBS change your minds and let her stay!!

  5. I don't get how killing a character = justice to character. To me, that's adding insult to injury. Unless Paget requested it as a "If I have to go I want to go out memorably." Then, they should give her that as the least they can do to compensate CBS ousting her. But, the writers shouldn't be coming up with the idea to kill her. Especially not considering why she's leaving in the first place -because CBS thought she doesn't matter. That's how I'd view killing her. CBS says she's not valuable and the show says she's only deserving of being canon fodder? One reason I loved JJ's exit, even though I hated that she was exiting at all was a clear cut shout saying "CBS you're wrong. AJ Cook and JJ were more valuable to this show than you're blind eyes could ever realize." That same feeling should be part of Prentiss' last episode.

  6. But what would be better? For Emily to fall for some stupid man and quit her job because of that? For her to decide she'd rather make a lot of money in the private sector, so she quits hunting for justice in this job? Neither of those decisions are true to Emily's character. Her character is that she campaigned for the BAU job, that she loves the BAU job, and that she's not going to burn out on it anytime soon. her character is that she's a kickbutt agent who gets the bad guys.

    So what would motivate a woman like that to leave? The only thing I can think of is death. Any other reason would be out of character, so it wouldn't do her justice.

    Now, doing justice to the ACTRESS might be a different story...

  7. I would rather see Emily fall for some "stupid man" with the possibility that she can return to CM one day; then to have her character killed off eliminating that possibility. And what the hell's wrong with leaving for love. She's never had that; and she certainly should be allowed to experience it. And since they are forcing her out, I agree with Angelwriter above, they should make her exit special for both the actress and the fan; and not something devastating. Everyone else left miserably. Give me a break, it doesn't always have to be and shouldn't always be cruel and violent.

  8. I certainly hope that Prentiss doesn't get killed off.
    Gideon, Elle and JJ's exit were sad. None of them left on a happy note.
    I would like that to change, if Prentiss does have to leave (I still hope for a miracle) I would like her to leave for a happy reason.
    Considering everything the team members had to endure over the years, and I'm quite certain their suffering isn't over (some of their secrets are bound to be painful), that would be overkill.
    This team has been wounded too many times, I don't want it broken.