Wednesday, October 20, 2010

SPOILER! Interview with Sterling Beaumon who the Unsub in tonight Episode

Sterling Beaumon played a young Benjamin Linus in the third season of Lost. This young talent, active in film and theater, has a guest starring role in the "Safe Haven" episode of Criminal Minds on October 20.'s John Neal spoke with Sterling about growing up in front of the camera and playing an unusual suspect.

TheCelebrityCafe: You are going to be on Criminal Minds.

Sterling Beaumon: Yes. October 20, I believe.

TCC: Is this going to be a one-time episode?

SB: I'm not sure if it's one or possible more. As of right now it's one.

TCC: I understand your character is not exactly a good kid.

SB: No. He's a psychopath. He's just a raw egg. He is the furthest thing from a nice kid. He has no emotions. The only emotions he has are those put on for show. His family dropped him off at a hospital and this entire episode is him getting revenge on his mother. And he encounters many other families, and he's a serial killer so there are quite a few dramatic scenes.

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