Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Thomas Gibson and Joe Mantegna discuss secrets and Season 6

Criminal Minds stars Thomas Gibson and Joe Mantegna talk to TV Squad about the show's sixth season and the secrets it will reveal about the team members.

Source: TV Squad


  1. great interviews! Can't wait to find out what are the secrets!

  2. I would rather the money had gotten spent on JJ staying than on guest stars and whatever. I just hope Reid is on it a lot more than last season!
    Always like to see interviews.

  3. I agree with the above post, I'd rather they'd spent the money on keeping A.J too rather than spending it paying for all these fancy stars. And I definitely also agree on there hopefully being more Reid this year than there was last year!

  4. Thank you for the interview. Can't wait for Ernie Hudson. And I guess fan girls forgot that there was not enough Reid last season because of Matthew's real life injury.

  5. Yes, the fan girls forget that Matthew was sideline because of his injury not because the writers wanted to sideline him!

    Anyway, we sure don't need the big name stars, would have prefered AJ stayed.

    That said, I'm excited that we will get more characters developement!


  6. I love these guys so much - Joe looks hyped up on coffee after a long shoot and the usually quirky funny TG is adorably tired...look at his shutting his eyes when he blinks at the end... aww!! Cannot wait to see him save someone from a fire and for the Halloween Jack/Hotch moment he gave away... XD


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