Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Criminal Minds Kirsten Vangsness interview

Kirsten Vangsness gave this inteview to StyleBible, here are some excerpts:

Q: CM is such a dark show and your character consistently brings that necessary bit of sunshine to its viewers, but do you find it hard to be involved in such
gruesome, often heart-wrenching, storylines?
I get to act for a living, which is what I always dreamed of doing and it makes me IMENSELY happy and as sad and scary the stories we do are, at the end of the day it's done to entertain and I think it would be not authentic for me to have this great job where I'm paid really well and people are really kind to me and then go home and be all bent out of shape because of the job. As an actor, part of the job is to take on a character and thier circumstances and be able to let it go so that you can take on another character. Having said that, ...I have totally woken up in the middle of the night like from something that spooked me at work, I have even walked by a tv and seen Shemar (Morgan) and Paget (Prentis) running down an alley with their guns drawn or Matthew (Reid) tied to a chair and thought: "Oh no! My friends are in trouble!". I try to maintain little rituals to help come down from work....I think we all should have them for every job:)

Q: We know that filming has started back and it will obviously be very difficult for all of you to continue working without ‘the girls’ – how have you all coped with the sad news that JJ and Prentiss will be winding down their characters?
I know in my bones that both AJ (JJ) and Paget (Prentiss) will rise beyond and on to bigger and better things, the only downside is for CBS, they have let go of two talented, strong, gorgeous women that have helped make the show the huge success that it is. I totally disagree with this choice that the network made, totally, and it's frustrating but, like I said both of them are just moving on to better things and this will be nothing but a jumping off point to something wonderful for them. AJ is done shooting now and it was heartbreaking and still is, I miss JJ like crazy and I miss AJ too (but we all are making sure we really stay in touch) Paget is here for the rest of this year thank God and I am going to live in the moment and enjoy right now, a year from now both of those ladies will be on some other amazing thing and I will be watching them win a Emmy or a Tony or something.

To read more go to : http://www.stylebible.ie/Stylebible+Interviews/_Kirsten%20Vangsness.htm

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