Monday, August 30, 2010

SPOILER! Criminal Minds Ed Bernero Previews Season Six

By: Adam Wright

Criminal Minds will be entering its sixth season on CBS this fall. However over the esummer, the crime-drama has made headlines with the departure of A.J. Cook and demotion of Paget Brewster.

I had the opportunity to talk to Criminal Minds Executive Producer Ed Bernero about the new season. What’s in store for season six? Here’s what he had to say.


Note: Any questions asked specifically about A.J. Cook and Paget Brewster were passed, as they’ve already been addressed.

Adam: Criminal Minds is returning for its sixth season on September 22nd. That’s pretty impressive for a crime-drama, especially with ratings still going strong. How do guys you keep things fresh after this long?

Ed: Our main subject matter is serial crime and there is (unfortunately) a fairly bottomless pit of source material. That said, all of us on the show, both in front of and behind the camera, continually challenge each other to be fresh and a little different with every story. To stretch ourselves creatively and not just rely on the scary bad guys/girls. We really believe every episode should be a mini-movie experience for the audience.


Adam: The great thing about Criminal Minds is that it has bounced-back from a cast-member departing. Mandy Patinkin left the series, and later was replaced by Joe Mantegna. Thankfully the audience welcomed Joe to the series to great response. What do you credit this to, the show bouncing back after a major departure? Not any show can do that.

Ed: Well, first of all, if it’s going to happen to a show, they couldn’t do any better than Joe stepping in. He’s been amazing addition for the audience as well us everyone at the show. Secondly, it all goes back to stories. If the rest of the cast is talented (as ours definitely is), and the stories are compelling, I think cast changes, as disruptive as they are, can eventually be absorbed by the audience.

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