Friday, June 25, 2010

Criminal Minds, Indeed: Greedy CBS Execs Axe Cook, Slash Brewster

We at Criminal Minds Round table came accross this interesting article about CBS written by Mitch Calloway for Associated Content. Here are a few excerpts

Does CBS genuinely believe that Cook and Brewster haven't earned raises, if that is in fact the impetus of these moves? Are network executives under the impression that, because they've successfully replaced key characters in the past (Glaudini's Elle Greenway in 2006, Mandy Patinkin's Jason Gideon following the 2007 season), they'll be able to do it whenever the mood strikes them? Are they of the opinion that while Moore, Gibson, Gubler, and Mantegna are vital to the show's success, they can just plug any pretty girl into the cast at any time and audiences will accept her? Do they believe that Vangsness' Penelope Garcia, who does most of her crime-fighting behind a computer keyboard, is more integral to the day-to-day operations of the fictional BAU than two field agents who are frequently in the direct line of fire? Or do they just believe that the wisecracking, plus-sized Garcia is more accessible to female viewers in Middle America than the petite J.J. or the somewhat vampish Prentiss?

Whatever the case, their handling of this situation has been nothing short of criminal. To release the talented Cook during summer hiatus is to write her out without even bothering to give the actress or her character a send-off worthy of someone who's given so much to the show and its loyal viewers for half a decade. Downgrading the hard-working Brewster to little more than a glorified guest star is basically telling her and her fans that her contributions to the program were never as important or impactful as those of her co-stars, past and present. In short, CBS's treatment of Cook and Brewster is as disrespectful as it is illogical. Not to mention more than a little sexist...

...With so much programming available to viewers in the era of digital cable and satellite TV, is it wise for a network with nowhere left to go but down to start dumping some of its most popular on-air performers? This seems more like the sort of addle-brained decision-making that keeps NBC at the bottom of the heap than the savvy, crowd-pleasing policies that took CBS to the top. If the network brain trust doesn't quickly rethink their positions on two of primetime TV's strongest, sexiest, most popular female characters and keep Cook and Brewster around, the next victim to meet a cruel fate on Wednesday nights will be the show's ratings.

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