Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Thomas Gibson on Twitter

More good news for Criminal Minds Fans! Thomas Gibson has joined Twitter as well. Paget Brewster confirmed it on Twitter today :

pagetpaget - @gibsonthomas is now tweeting! And I told Shemar that everyone says Happy Birthday. We'll get him twittering next!

Thank you Paget!

Follow Thomas Gibson on Twitter at


  1. omg, SHUT UP!!!! *runs over to Twitter* LOL

  2. Paget's tweet didn't show on my timeline because of the format (she started it with @). I let her know for future announcements to her followers not to start with @. I hope she doesn't think I'm some sort of Twitter Nazi. LOL. I guess I should behave myself on Twitter now lest TG think I'm a retardo-horndog. oh dear *face turns red* lol.

  3. Just want to wish Happy Birthday to Thomas Gibson. I'm a big fan of Thomas Gibson and the show. I think this show has the best cast.


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