Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Thomas Gibson on The Bonnie Hunt Show

Thomas Gibson will be a guest The Bonnie Hunt Show,
April 8th. Check local listing for time and channel.


  1. Dagnabit!!! I won't be able to watch it because I have a meeting tomorrow morning!! %#[<\> *%^+€ @&:%#}!!!!!! All you TG fans better pull through for me and get this up on YouTube. Pretty please?!!!! *sniffle*. As a consolation I shall drool over the pretty picture you have posted. Dayum that man is handsome! LOL

  2. For anyone else who missed this, there is a partial clip on Unfortunately the entire interview is not posted but those on the CMF board said he told funny stories about waiting tables in NYC and that his family was/still is supportive of him. :)


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