Friday, March 19, 2010

Criminal Minds A&E Schedule for March 19 2010

73 - Masterpiece

Friday, March 19th 08:00 pm ET
Saturday, March 20th 12:00 am ET

The team must use "reverse" profiling techniques to stop a serial killer from murdering five more victims

74 - 52 Pickup

Friday, March 19th 09:00 pm ET
Saturday, March 20th 01:00 am ET

The profilers hunt a killer who preys on the beautiful, rich women he meets at nighclubs.

75 - Brothers in Arms

Friday, March 19th 10:00 pm ET
Saturday, March 20th 02:00 am ET

A case hits close to home for former cop Morgan when a serial killer targets police officers.

76 - Normal

Friday, March 19th 11:00 pm ET
Saturday, March 20th 03:00 am ET

The team chases "The Road Warrior," an UnSub who kills blonde women driving luxury cars.