Monday, March 8, 2010


Where do we begin? Writing, directing, acting? All three were superb in the March 3rd episode of Criminal Minds titled 'Mosley Lane'. Although there were a few holes in the storyline, I was completely entertained for the entire hour. My hat is off to Matthew Gray Gubler for his directorial debut. The camera angles throughout were amazing and the music selection perfect.

I have to give "Mosley Lane" an 11 on the 1-10 creepiness scale. Beth Grant's portrayal of a sadistic child abductor was over the top. Ann Cusack played the suffering mom perfectly. Matthew was not kidding us when he tweeted about "...
3 of the most talented, as of yet unknown, child actors in the world". These kids were all amazing. They won't remain 'unknown' for long.

With "Mosley Lane" we were treated to horror and suspense without so much of the blood and gore we sometimes see. The scenes from the crematorium were some of my favourites of the episode. I thought this episode had a great balance of team, unsub, and victims - although it was lacking Hotch and I didn't quite understand why Morgan seemed to be in charge of the team at times. I loved the fact that we got to see quite a bit of the girls on the team and see them interact with each other a lot. As always, the cast was spot on.

All in all, this was certainly one of the best and possibly my favourite episode of the season. Congrats to Matthew for a fantastic job, and also to the entire cast and crew of 'Criminal Minds'. You did not disappoint!

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