Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ratings for Criminal Minds episode 5.14

FOX American Idol 7.7/20 (18-49) 20.83 million
CBS Criminal Minds 3.8/10 (18-49) 14.78 million
ABC Modern Family 3.9/10 (18-49) 9.07 million
NBC Law & Order: SVU(R) 0.9/2 (18-49) 4.14 million
CW Gossip Girl (R) 0.2/1 (18-49) 0.50 million

Pretty good numbers for Criminal Minds against American Idol.


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  1. Wow those are fantastic ratings as usual. Even better when you consider they're not that far behind AI. I really don't get why CBS doesn't tout CM more. Perhaps it is a case of they know it will perform well with minimal help so they'd rather spend efforts/money on the shows that need help? *sigh* so not fair!!! Ugh!!! Boo CBS.


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