Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Criminal Minds - Episode 5.17 - A Solitary Man - Casting Call

[UNSUB] Caucasian, 32-40 yrs old. A trucker in Mississippi. Blue collar. He is a loving father, trying to find a mother for his 7 yr old daughter. GUEST STAR
[JODY] Caucasian.. 7 yrs old. Typical little girl. The Unsub's daughter. She's living with a foster family on the verge of being adopted. GOOD CO-STAR
[SHERIFF SANDERS] 50s.. African American, rural Mississippi cop of the week. GUEST STAR
[SARAH] Caucasian, 38-42 yrs., a lovely wife and mother. Kidnapped and forced to behave as Jody's mother. GUEST STAR
[JONATHAN] Caucasian, Early 40s, Sarah's husband/Courtney's dad. Brought in after his wife has been kidnapped sptv050769. GOOD CO-STAR

Source: SpoilerTV

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